One night in Eden

winner award
Country: Greece
Category: Screenplay
Release date: -
Duration: 84 pages
Director: Georgia Chioni
Edition: January 2015-2016
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Michail, Alex, Maria, Ginger. People with dark pasts, who, despite the difficulties they face, are insearch of a better future, of their path to Eden. They all work in “Kitties” a night club that Michail, a Russian immigrant, runs. Each one has their own hopes and dreams. After a hardnight’s work, just before closing, April, Ginger’s best friend, comes in after a serious fight she has had with her boyfriend Simon. She finds comfort and support from the others there for a while, at least, until Simon, thrown out of the police force and virtually unemployable, comes in, claiming her back. After a big fight, Simon leaves the club. However, he is still angry at April for leaving him so he takes revenge by attacking her and Ginger when they go out. The Police are still searching for him when he returns to “Kitties”. Upon his arrival, Michail and Alex decide to take the law into their own hands and deliver justice in their own way.

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