second award
second award
Country: Portugal
Category: Feature Fiction
Release date: 2019 - August
Duration: 110 minutes
Director: Miguel Babo
Edition: November 2019
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Faced with his brother’s death under suspicious circumstances, Alexandre, a successful writer, is faced to the need of protecting his mother and family home. Memories linger of his mother’s suffering during her battle with Alzheimer’s. Father of three daughters from two failed marriage, Alexandre calls upon the help of a friend, a government minister, to help him deal with his brother’s compromising debts, including the lost of the family home, which he left behind him. Revelations show that the debts are to an individual who has relations with some top ranking officials from the Portuguese and Angolan governments. In an intricate succession of events they are thrown into the world of Laura, a peepshow stripper. Laura’s influence grows stronger within the conflict between spiralling debts and sentimental family commitments, however she proves to be much more than just an influence and more of a central figure amongst the closely knit characters around her. A film that explores the absences and presences of the mind of an Alzheimer’s patient who never stops loving her granddaughters, family and life. Both Laura and Alexandre’s mother need to be rescued from the lives they lead, not just freed from the past but freed from what awaits them. Two people living without memory, one by condition, the other by choice. The drama and humour of life are brought beautifully together in this film which explores a women’s infinite inspiration amongst us all. Actresses Lídia Franco, Gabriela Moreyra and Teresa Côrte-Real give spectacular, unforgettable performances in this film by Miguel Babo. A film that explores the absences and presences of the mind of an Alzheimer’s patient and women’s infinite inspiration, strongly present in this film, not in the sense of feminism but in the sense of the essence of the solde the polarity we all human beings have more intense in women.

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