Pedestal at the outskirts

Pedestal of outskirts cover Ekaterina Rusakovich 12mff
Country: Russia
Category: Documentary
Release date: 2015
Duration: 44 min
Director: Ekaterina Rusakovich
Edition: May 2015-2016
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On the first sight, “Pedestal at the outskirts” – is a classic example of “industrial movie”. They shot such in the soviet years, about the heads of collective farms and ploughmen, about virgin lands’ workers and riggers. Now the heroes of the latest years turned out to be lawless and forgotten inhabitants of the existential blind-alley. Only a few of them try to act somehow and change the life space, not to put up with the social discomfort of capitalistic (or feudal) “wild field”. All in all to the first plan now come out new heroes of economic relations – directors, medium and small businessmen, farmers, such as Uriy Shindin. Uriy Vasilievich – is a classic hero of our time. Physical education teacher, the son of the head of the collective farm, nowadays is a social-responsible person; local and region press wrote about him, he not only manages the work of his farm, but improve public services of his own village, asphalting local impassability of roads, made a biathlon track, a hockey rink, opened a sport club, where his workers come for free and all the locals for symbolic price, and built a church. He wants to improve life of the villagers, on the assumption of his own ideas of what it should look like.

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