Pure heroine

Pure heroine Lou Inglebert 12mff
winner award
Country: France
Category: Feature Fiction
Release date: 2015
Duration: 1 hr 02 min
Director: Lou Inglebert
Edition: July 2015-2016
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars6 Stars7 Stars8 Stars9 Stars10 Stars (11 votes, average: 3.18 out of 10)

Alix is at odd with her father since her mother’s death 2 years ago. She still hopes to get money from her father for her new flat deposit. But he won’t let her move in together with a Muslim married man. Father and daughter argue about the cause of the mother’s death for the sake of morality. Alix eventually clears up the liaison her father had, with the lover herself.

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