third award
Country: Poland
Category: Fiction, Experimental
Release date: 2014
Duration: 14 min
Director: Patryk Kizny
Edition: May 2015-2016
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Rebirth is an experimental short film and a wider project by Patryk Kizny where vision, art and technology are merged to create a poetic visual piece that actually impacts the world around by triggering a range of events to preserve a unique abandoned temple where the film is set.

The film combines a variety of techniques ranging from cinematography through timelapse, particle simulations and photogrammetry to an innovative use of laser scanning.

The main character, the Architect, dreams of achieving immortality through creation of an extraordinary temple filled with light and glory. We follow the birth and materialisation of the idea. But immortality comes at its price and the success becomes a curse. Witnessing his firstborn’s glory quickly turning to decay and agony, leads the Architect to posing deep philosophical questions about the responsibility of mankind for the future in front of History. But is it a real death? The cycle of life closes its passage with the Architect’s Ideas and soul getting reborn as a beautiful mysterious dancer.

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