Rhapsody in Blue

12mff, movie, film, animation, documentary, fiction, short, experimental, feature, feature fiction, music video, Italy
winner award
Country: Italy
Category: Fiction
Release date: 2018 - July
Duration: 20min
Edition: October 2018
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Are we alone or does the possibility exist of a good relationship which makes us grow and feel fine? In the beginning, this is the question of a female child who looks at the world, astonished by the randomness of life. That’s the Rhapsody in Blue poetic theme. Luca and Laura, disengaged for one year, have a dinner to investigate their own feelings. They both believe to know each other perfectly, but something unexpected will happen, causing a domino effect. Our protagonists are going to struggle in adapting and understanding the movement’s origin to each other. Till the next morning.

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