second award
Country: Iraq
Category: Feature Fiction, Drama, Family
Release date: 2018 world premiere this moment
Duration: 63:26
Director: Rizgar Hussein
Edition: March 2018
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Haval’s family And dejin’s one are relatives but their relation is not good enough. They have old problems
They married without the consent of their families as They consider their families backward and controlled by the clan. something happens that makes them continue their ancestors’s disputes which leads to calamities


Director’s Biography
He was born at 1979 in Iran,but nationality is Iraq. Studied Cinema for one year in “Law
Filmmakers Society” in Mahabd city. He has attended courses of Televisions
industry for three months in Netherlands. In addition, attended a course of
“How to make a documentary film” in The French Institute in Suleimani.
Best Short & Best Screnplay Golf Dubai Film Festival-Best Film Bairut
Festival – jury special Festival Baghdad – Competation Festival GIFFONI
The Boss 2015
Best Short Film Golf ( Dubai International FilmFestival2015)
Jury Award at (Duhok International Film Festival2016)
Best second film Al nahj film festival Iraq

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