Save Me

third award
third award
Country: Spain
Category: Animation, Music Video
Release date: 2016 - June
Duration: 04 minutes
Director: Oriol Puig
Edition: September 2017
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“Save Me” is a new music video that touches the soul and essence of a young boys inner creative battles and is scored with heart felt music of Fernando Vicicionte. The boy protagonist, Rafa, lives in the world of a sensitive, young country kid who is overloaded with imagination and confronted with the possibilities of self-expression and technology. Intentionally the core story is shaped with a naïve simplicity and hints at the places where inspiration evolves. Visually and musically, this story speaks of the creative process in all of us – and shows that sometimes during the discovery for implementing an idea, that there are waves of inspiration, frustration, anger and surprise. In the end there is a very positive outcome, scaling a personal edge we also learn something new about ourselves.

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