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Country: Montenegro
Category: Fiction
Release date: 2013
Duration: 23 min
Director: Jelena Lela Milošević
Edition: May 2015-2016
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The story follows a younger couple (Nježni, Čupka). They live isolated life. The emergence of Mladić, brings all their problems to the surface. They are childless. Nježni persuades Čupka to conceive a child with Mladić. She goes to Mladić and they have a quite agonizing sex. Nježni saw that, and starts to run disturbed. Čupka looked for him followed by Mladić and found him naked and than we realize that Nježni is a woman. Mladić tries to rape him but Nježni takes a pitchfork and stabs him to death. Three years after, couple have two years old child.

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