Tale of an Ecliptic Time

Country: Bangladesh
Category: Short fiction, Drama
Release date: October 2018
Duration: 29.10 minutes
Director: Zayed Siddiki
Edition: November 2019
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Short Synopsis

The film symbolizes allegoric defeat of terrorism and fundamentalism to the spirit, conscience and knowledge of novelty and humanism. It visualizes the psychological instability of an artist because of global terrorism and war and his confrontation to militants who come to kill him but lose.

Elaborated Synopsis

The film is portrayal of a prominent visual artist’s (Bhaskor Choudhury-Jayanto Chattapdhyay) aesthetic and artistic combat with fundamentalism and terrorism. He is terrified and traumatized because of global terrorism, unrest, killing and war. It draws him in psychological chaos and he tries to retaliate it with his creations. One day he becomes victim of the fanatic terrorism. Militants come to kill him but fail to kill. They can’t defeat his thoughts and creations that serve humanity and humbleness on counter he defeats them with his creativity and bravery.

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