The Cave Singer

winner award
Country: Nepal
Category: Feature Documentary
Release date: 2016 September
Duration: 01:33:37
Director: Akhanda Bhandari (Gobinda Prasad Bhandari)
Edition: October 2016-2017
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Hem Kumar Chepang is thirteen and just studies in grade three. His education is possible fortunately he got a generous donor. He sings very well. His father used to live in a cave. Someone made a hut for his family. Though they got shelter, there is nothing to eat at home.


Chepang is one of the marginalized ethnic groups of Nepal. They are around seventy thousand in number who are deprived of land and property by the government. Most of them have to survive with wild yam, tuber, taro, nettle greens in each meal.


Chepangs are behind the mainstream since ancient time. They are not educated; they are so poor that they can’t even get food to eat. They like to live in high hills and mountains. They have been living in cave for generation to generation, so they find themselves comfortable in cave. The government considers them as wild humans and they also couldn’t leave their culture.

le livelihood of whole Chepang community during a month long thrilling trip. It is also a strong strive to make Hem Kumar a successful singer.

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