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second award
Country: Iraq
Category: Fiction
Release date: August 8, 2015
Duration: 30 min
Director: Saad Al Essamy
Edition: June 2017
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A fiction film which the memory of the writer flies into the spaces of time , where evil climbed over its days and years , to tell us a story stifled by the breaths of his age , as he was living that immemorial period .
Until the destiny took him to a place of a certain crime it witnessed , and a tale that provoked its conscience ,which suffered a heart heedless ,that caused him to miss the chance to catch up with happy people . This is the opportunity which passes by the clouds … It made him cry all what remains from his days , until it comes the day as he can tell it to his daughter as if death has sent him the message of revelation … that was the story of choice between heaven and hell .

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