The dream of the girl diver

short film, Movie short , experimental 12mff, 12 months film festival, production, experimental, France
winner award
Country: France
Category: Experimental
Release date: 2017 - May
Duration: 13 min
Edition: August 2017
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Film inspired by the 1814 print of Hokusai called The dream of the girl diver (蛸と海女) itself inspired by the tale of Princesse Tamatori. This work is part of the shunga (erotic art book) Kinoe No Komatsu which describes the misadventures of a girl diver defying a king dragon, god of the sea, to recover a stolen jewel. From this tragic tale, Hokusai offers a very eroticized vision where the monster is protected by undertaking octopuses seduced by the princess. This video uses data moshing to mix bodies and textures in an underwater arabesque saturated with colors.

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