The Grid

The grid Andi Osho 12mff
third award
Country: United States
Category: Fiction
Release date: 2015
Duration: 13 min
Director: Andi Osho
Edition: September 2015-2016
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Shot documentary-style, The Grid, plots the rise and fall of fear-based game show, The Grid, where contestants enter a virtual reality world populated by their deepest, darkest fears.

It is 2034 and The Grid has become the most dangerous and extreme game show on earth. Utilizing advanced technology, it places the contestant in a detailed, virtual landscape populated by their innermost fears, broadcasting it, real-time to a hungry, global audience.

More than just a horror show, this is an entirely subjective, cognitive experience few have been strong enough to withstand.

Every year, motivated by the multi-million dollar bounty, the highest prize fund in television history, thousands apply for the show’s rigorous selection process. Few are chosen; even fewer pass and in the show’s fourteen year history, none of the successful candidates have left The Grid alive – except one.

Sole-surviving contestant Tina Marvine, the only person to successfully navigate The Grid, immediately becomes one of the world’s most revered and talked about individuals however, she quickly realizes her success comes with a cost. A victorious Marvine is soon beset by inner demons, awakened by The Grid and as they begin to dominate her consciousness she withdraws from public life, becoming a pathetic recluse. With her prize money, she creates a fortress, isolating herself from everyone and everything, including her own son.

The story begins three years on. The Grid creator and producer, Pho Deimos, badly needs Tina to promote his show to counter its groundswell of opposition but when her wayward son Hunter convinces Pho to allow him to enter The Grid, it draws Tina back into the lion’s den as she prepares for the most terrifying ordeal of her life, returning to The Grid.

Hardened by her experiences, she soon releases she is in a virtual world but must convince her son, Hunter and the pair still have to find their way out of this existential nightmare as Tina knows only to well, if you die in the Grid, you die in the real world.

With talking-heads interviews with Pho Diemos, Morgan Chase, a die hard super fan and Jack Larden, the ex- chief medical officer for The Grid, the film documents the events surrounding the final broadcast of the show.

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