The hero

The hero Luan Kryeziu 12mff
third award
Country: Kosovo
Category: Feature Fiction
Release date: 2014
Duration: 1 hr 46 min
Director: Luan Kryeziu
Edition: June 2015-2016
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The main character is a man of principles and virtues who becomes prey to a human drama imposed by social, political and economic circumstances.He does everything to stay loyal to his ideals, to live an honorable life hoping life is going to be better. His pride, his ethics, his dignity raise against him when society doesn’t need him anymore.He continues to live in a tent, a charity by humanitarian organizations, under difficult living conditions. He becomes disillusioned with the way a small group of political and business careerists have used his ideals and victory to gain power, money and control over the population.Although he tries to survive the reality created after the war, he remains a loner with his ideals and dreams.

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