The Hundred Year Road

second award
second award
Country: Canada
Category: Documentary
Release date: 2014
Duration: 41 min
Director: Jeff Woodward
Edition: June 2015-2016
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The Hundred Year Road follows Ray Fowler and Pat McKenna on their journey as they recreate the trip from Calgary to Edmonton using Alberta’s first published road guide from 1914 as their reference. They travel in 100 year old vehicles, camping out and using only technology from the time period as they deal with rough roads, bad weather and the trials and tribulations of driving in their living museum pieces

Calgary to Edmonton; In 2014 it’s a totally routine trip that thousands of people make every day. They climb into comfortable, reliable cars and take off at 110 kilometres an hour with the stereo blasting and about 3 hours later they reach their destination. But just for a moment, try to imagine that same journey one hundred years ago. Cars, or the horseless carriage as they were called had only been around for about 20 years. They were far from reliable and there were certainly no highways for them to travel on. The trek from Calgary to Edmonton in 1914 was fraught with peril: from roads to weather to mechanical failures to livestock, and it generally took days, not hours to complete.

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