THE LAST DELIVERY two very different worlds, but just one truth

THE LAST DELIVERY two very different worlds, but just one truth Loris Mora 12 months film festival
second award
Country: Italy
Category: Fiction
Release date: 2015
Duration: 20 min
Director: Loris Mora
Edition: July 2015-2016
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European forest in the Cansiglio. Northen Italy. Late afternoon in the height of Summer. Franco is delivering wholesale drinks. After having made the last delivery at a trattoria in the Pian Osteria, he heads back home in his pick-up truck. Suddenly, as he’s driving down the long straightstretch which cuts the Plain in half, he notices something strange in the sky.

It’s a small spaceship which is falling fast towards earth. The space capsule is carrying an alien. Sid (that’s his name) is injured but he gradually discovers the environment which now surrounds him. The alien finds himself interacting with nature, with animals, with events in the atmosphere and with man. The emotions and feelings experienced in a non-human by these encounters will strike the spectator for their beauty and simplicity; the surprising conclusion of the film will elicit deep thoughts about how our daily behaviour and actions can have a significant impact on the destiny of our planet.


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