The last quilombo

12mff, movie, film, animation, documentary, fiction, short, experimental, feature, feature fiction, music video, future documentary, Argentina
second award
Country: Argentina
Category: Feature Documentary
Release date: 2012 - November
Duration: 1 h 05 min
Edition: January 2019
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According to the dictionary Quilombo (the kimbundu: kilombo) is a term used in Latin America to refer to politically organized sites runaway slaves (which were released to the force) with black mayors exercising their authority within them. In some countries in South America especially in Argentina and Uruguay the word “quilombo” is also used as a synonym for brothel or disorder for over a century and currently those are the most common meanings of “quilombo” in the Cone sur. “The Last Quilombo” plays on the two forms taken that word between us to claim their true essence of the place where one lives freely.

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