The Poland Journey

Country: Israel
Category: Feature Documentary
Release date: 2015
Duration: 56 mins
Director: Hila Timor Ashur
Edition: December 2015-2016
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The name of the film ” The Poland Journey” was given by Simone.
Simona could not read or write, her speech also heavy. During the journey to the death camps in Poland, she fought for her right to express her pain through dance that she dance fluently. Fighting and winning.
Simona’s human rights does not come easily to her.

As a woman is diagnosed with Down syndrome she had to fight for everything in her life with a severe stutter. Fighting for the right to get a job, to exercise love, to live full and happy life.
Poland journey of a delegation of mental retardation people is an opportunity to recognize them as equal rights for all Israeli citizens.

The film not only gives them equal rights, it’s a wonderful opportunity for viewers to look through their perspective and learn from them – learn from Yirmi about the power of commemoration struggle recite two lines, admire Masha captures her journey on video that she wants to win an Oscar and listen to Marcelo that suggested start to forget…

Their journey to Poland is a double victory in front of the Nazis, but also a valuable lesson for us, who consider ourselves intelligent, observing renewed war, memory and how to live with it.

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