The return of the train

short film, Movie short , experimental 12mff, 12 months film festival, production, fiction, France
Country: France
Category: Fiction
Release date: October 20, 2017
Duration: 25min 35sec
Director: Sara Grimaldi
Edition: January 2018
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A French village in the 1960s. People are living their lives in an everyday manner. Isolated from the outside world, they are waiting for the “event” that will change their lives. One day they read in the newspaper that the state will re-open fifty stations in their region. The village people are sure that their station will be affected and that this will be the long awaited event that will change their lives. A simple-minded mayor, a nostalgic retired railway worker, an impertinent shepherd and a rigid merchant are the initiators of a collective delirium that involves the whole village. This masquerade is seen through the eyes of Sophie, a young girl who’s dream is to leave the village and, despite her age, proves to be the only wise voice in the small town.

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