The Revelations of John

Country: United States
Category: Screenplay
Release date: -
Duration: -
Director: Nicole Conners
Edition: August 2015-2016
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The archangel Michael flies to heaven to inform God that Lucifer is planning a take over with millions of his angels. A heavenly war breaks out as God cast Satan down to earth with his  following angels turning him into Satan and the angels to demons.

The elderly worn out prophet John is trying to spread the word of God in the pagan worshiping city of Ephesus. By doing so he becomes a threat and a target to the religious  and temple leaders. John being guided by the Holy Spirit willingly goes into custody and ends up before  Emperor Domitianus.

John is cast off to the lonely island of Patmos where he experiences an out of body experience he leaves behind the tiresome unbelieving world to heaven. After learning the truths and evils of the world, John is given the choice to assist the Heavens in stopping Satan’s attempt to destroy mankind.

After short deliberation, John agrees to assist and is transported to the future of Washington D.C as a U.S Senator. With the help of his guardian angel, Raphael, John is tasked with saving mankind from the Anti-Christ disguised as one of the closest aides to the President of United States.

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