Country: New Zealand
Category: Fiction
Release date: 2015
Duration: 19 mins
Director: Vijayarahavan Ponnusamy
Edition: January 2015-2016
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This movie is about Solaiyamma who is currently living in New Zealand and giving ultimate value to her childhood memories and try to save Thennamcholai (park / garden) at Kaluwanchikudy where she were born. She  used to play a lot in Thennamcholai during her childhood. This movie shows how globalization influence her homeland Kaluwanchikudy  and her relatives.
This movie shows about Globalization victims in Sri Lanka:
1) Agriculture lands and Government Parks are being destroyed for High raised buildings ( Five Star Hotels and IT Business)
2) Cultural shift among kids due to digital Media (TV, Internet)
3) Losing our childhood games by not introducing to next generation
This movie expects
1) All nationality to keep their childhood game alive and pass it on to their next generation. Kids never get bored for any games , so please consider
2) All Governments to carefully consider overseas investors and not allow them to damage own people’s income, traditions, culture and natural beauty of their home land.

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