Through The Mirror

Country: Armenia
Category: Documentary, Drama
Release date: June - 2018
Duration: 29:25
Director: Arsen Arakelyan
Edition: January 2019
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The film “Through The Mirror” is a little unusual, as its characters will not be able to see it. To be more precise –  they will, but not in a usual way. The film tells us about the way blind people perceive art , which represents an optical reality. It is aimed on the main characters’ environment,  reminding them of the existence of a parallel world, which is  in need of understanding and respect.

The title of the film accurately reflects the situation – for them, lacking visual perception,  there is no barrier to the reality mirror. They have the access to the unlimited space of their imagination, where images, sounds and feelings are inaccessible  to those, who can see. And, according to the law of compensation, this world is much brighter, bigger and richer than we can imagine.

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