third award
Country: Germany
Category: Documentary
Release date: 2018 - January
Duration: 07 minutes
Director: Jens Nagels
Edition: September 2019
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Walking, that means movement, movement from one place to another. The legs help us with our feet. The occasion to change places is manifold, sometimes we just move without a goal, go for a walk or stroll through the streets, then again there is a concrete reason to get or bring something, our steps have a goal. The feet carry us wherever we want. They carry our bodies, and sometimes also bags, luggage or even loads. The feet are our contact to the ground. The speed of locomotion varies from person to person, and from purpose to purpose. Different shoes protect our feet if you do not walk barefoot for any reason. Globalization has also hit shoe fashion. The recordings were taken in Germany, India, Myanmar and Thailand.

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