Warming Memories

12mff, movie, film, animation, documentary, fiction, short, experimental, feature, feature fiction, music video, United States
third award
Country: United States
Category: Animation, Experimental
Release date: 2017 - March
Duration: 03 min
Director: Alex Petrowsky
Edition: December 2018
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In a time when so much is overly politicized we often forget to pay attention to how that can affect human connections. “Warming Memories” is a stop-motion and digital animation that shows the rift one family experiences over ideological differences. A soothing fireplace animation juxtaposed with sound-bytes from news reports, interviews, and conspiracy theory programs sets the stage for the agitated mother-son text message conversation that starts with casual banter and quickly delves into a discussion about climate change, political correctness, “fake news”, and antisemitism.

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