12mff, feature fiction, movie, short, fiction, documentary, feature documentary, animation, experimental, Italy
second award
Country: Italy
Category: Documentary
Release date: 2018 - June
Duration: 29 min
Edition: July 2019
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Milan Amithis drives through the city in the silence of the night to live in the north-east, Piazzale Loreto area. She knows that this square was the scene of the epilogue of the Nazi-fascist totalitarian regime in Italy, but wants to know more. Along the way she tells of his experience of the “revolution” in Theran: of how it was to move from the illusion of revolution to the harsh impact with the repression of the Komeinist regime and how one can get used to bombing and the loss of freedom. She has been several times in Piazzale Loreto for signs that would tell the story but did not find anything. She will be thanks to the meeting of Sergio Fogagnolo, son of one of the victims of the partisans’ murder, who will be able to reconstruct the history of this square and fully grasp the identity of this place.

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