Where the Desert Meets the Ocean

12mff, movie, film, animation, documentary, fiction, short, experimental, feature, feature fiction, music video, Czech Republic
Country: Czech Republic
Category: Documentary
Release date: 2018 - October
Duration: 45 min
Director: Václav Píša
Edition: January 2019
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The Czech documentary “Where the Desert Meets the Ocean” captures a journey of four friends, surfers from a landlocked country, to ride one of the best waves in the world – the mysterious Skeleton Bay. In the middle of the African winter, they went to Namibia to experience the greatest adventure of their lives. Beyond waves and unreal natural sceneries, they have experienced countless adventures and learned a lot about themselves. A movie full of determination, clean shots of endless dunes, wild animals and waves absorbs the viewer through its visuals and an urgent desire for knowledge.

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