Wings of Imagination

third award
Country: Brazil
Category: Fantasy, Animation, Fiction
Release date: 2017
Duration: 00:13:19
Director: Arthur Felipe Fiel and João Marcos Nascimento
Edition: October 2017
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Carlinhos goes to school knowing that it’s storytelling day. Then he prepares to tell a story of the enchanted book, in which an adventurous boy in the company of his friends, Carol and Quindim, travel through the wonderful world of children’s stories. At first they are brave wizards who stand to face a dragon. Without much success they open a portal and travel to another dimension. Then in the bottom of the sea, there are many more adventures to face! Enchanted with the beauties and incantations of the depths they follow a beautiful and immense submarine crossing, once again, a portal that will take them to a new dimension. In another place, two of the friends are now typical hicks who come across a hen hatching from her golden egg a giant so big that makes her fly with emotion! The giant holds small bean seeds in his pocket, and after throwing them on the ground, he realizes that they are magical seeds. An enormous beanstalk sprouts from the ground and crosses the clouds! Then the giant, with two other children in his pocket, climbs on the beanstalk and together they discover that in heaven there is a real mansion! But not everything is colorful and flowery for the giant and the children. Arriving there, they discover that a witch accompanied by a terrible and haunting singing pigeon was waiting for them to capture them. To scape from her they will travel throught a lot of awesome dimensions and they gonna live incredible adventures with the power of their imagination!

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