short film, Movie short , experimental 12mff, 12 months film festival, production, documentary, Spain
third award
Country: Spain
Category: Documentary
Release date: 2016 - October
Duration: 30 min
Edition: December 2017
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Bakur, northern Kurdistan, within Turkish borders. From August 2015 until well into 2016, the Turkish government launched a strong military offensive against this region in response to defiant declarations of autonomy from dozens of Kurdish mayors. More than 200 civilians lost their lives in the curfews; these occurred in tandem with policies of obstinate silence on this issue and the restriction of basic freedoms in the region. This paper gathers the testimonies of some victims of this new wave of violence against the Kurdish population. It also tries to shed light on the suffering of people in the Fertile Crescent by asking a series of of delving questions. These are questions which consider the viewpoints and aspirations of this millennial people: a society in which the role of women is decisive.

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