Movie review: Remove – A neo noir story

11th January 2016


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Remove – A neo noir story

A concept that has always fascinated the public of the big screen, was a character’s ability to play the role of a chameleon, while during the film, from a protagonist to become an antagonist and vice-versa. This process of the role inversion implies a close tailor in the film’s narration, where such presented situations to allow a natural flow between changes. Didier Théodore sets up a controversial subject in the style of neo noir, that has no help, in the desire to offering the spectator a feeling of deep incertitude, through empathizing with the character found in suffering.

The intrigue is fixed since the beginning, right in very first film sequence, when we discover the obscure universe of a small apartment, where a case of kidnapping is investigated by the police. The suffering mother of the kidnapped young lady is inquired by the detective who got her case, to know more details which may help to get the child back. He appears again during the film, where he brings her new details about the case and also t0 raise her mood up. The end of the film, we observe our protagonist, which is the detective, who himself is the real kidnapper, just for the abnormal satisfaction to see people suffering.

On the other hand, it is important to mention the fluency between the film sequences, the composition of scene framing and also the scenography, where all these are composed and created in such apart manner, paying closer attention to every little detail, in order to generate an universe which is the closest to the reality.

Watching from another angle, the narration is equally supported by the visual aspect, as by the monologue we can identify along the film; however we can distinguish a glitch which happens to be in the denouement while showing the identity of the kidnapper, which is not fully supported in script’s arguments. But, in order for the denouement to become truthful in the eyes of spectators, it requires a more profound presentation of this kidnapper-character during the film, such as, constructing the narration in a way which let us distinguish where the Machiavellian desire of children kidnapper had emerged from, to the nurturing of his need to provoke inner suffering into the victims.

And with all these said, the Remove film succeeds to create the neo noir manner, telling us an actual story in a classic depiction.

This review was written by Alexandru Vlad, the #12MFF Director

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