Film review: Some other dawns

10th February 2016

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Some other dawns: Searching for colors

A popular subject among young directors, approached since the film school and not only, which is the teenage crisis, where those experiencing it are clueless what path to choose in their lives and bored of all what teenage years used to bring them.

Some Other Downs is the story of two teens living a boring night on the streets of a small french town.

Something we find interesting about this film, is the cinematic approach conveyed during the story; since the author tries to put the emphasis on what they are feeling while observing their actions. We can distinguish few close-shots and many two-shots, which is not something bad, but the director’s approach. This effect aims to concentrate our attention on the overall situation, like so the characters will identify themselves with the locations they belong to, from a metaphorical stand point.

In the opening footage we see the two actors sitting impassive and gazing, on the dirty and noisy streets of the town. We can observe the obvious idea of chaos and impossibility in finding the balance, the silence and a way in life. A watchman that arrives, trots them off and then we will find them to another symbolic place, which is the margin of a water where they finally find their silence under the street lights refleted on the water surface. The silence this place offers them will be disturbed by a citizen that comes to ask for money and alcohol.

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Another thematic explored in the film is the color. We can see their mood changing from depression to ecstasy, when they are watching the colors from the water reflections. The idea of color becomes an aesthetic motif which comes to define the deficiencies of the protagonists. They are seeking the color, their path and the action taking, but with no hope, only that it does not last  longer than some moments which are very rare.

They will find themselves waking up in the morning on a bench in the town, resuming to their senseless path their destiny draws for them.

The film Some Other Dawns, directed by Florian Poupelin remembers me, with a mild melancholy about the period we all used to be in, until we found our paths and the color in our lives, a film that I kindly recommend to all the filmmakers.

review by Vlad Alexandru


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