The year has ended and a new one has begun!

1st April 2016


Dear 12MFF filmmakers and fans,

We are very happy to announce that the March 2016 Qualification Edition has finally ended, closing the first year of 11 editions. During this period, we received over 600 entries, where we want to thank you for everything and for being close to us, which motivated us prepare for the live event.

The winners for the March edition can be found at this link:

As we always told you, the following period will come with the 12MFF Yearly Grand Event. But, because of some unexpected problems we encountered here, this yearly event will be postponed for the summer of 2016. Meanwhile, we hope to take good care of all these administrative and logistical problems and will keep in touch with you as always. And since we are planning to organize the live event for you, we will be looking for important sponsors and partners who can join us, where this will require a good time to find them. Thank you for your understanding.

On the other hand, our online event will continue the same way as before. Please find the new calendar of the competition on the winners page of the website.

On the following period, our website will know new improvements which will make it more intereactive. Therefore, we kindly invite you the read new reviews and watch newly published movies in the next online year of edtions, and we are also waiting to watch and award your newest films.

We recall to you that the trophyes and the certificates can be bought retroactively, if your entry was awarded in one of the last qualification editions, by using the simple form which can be found on the winners page, or you can do this by visiting the Gifts page.

Once again, thank you for everything and we wish you a lot of successes in everyhting you planned!

With regards,

The 12 Months Film Festival Team

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